Commercial Buildings

Reasons To Use Window Tinting In Commercial Offices

Many offices have large windows, and some may even have entirely glass-fronted buildings, which can make it difficult for the office staff. The fact is that many offices are overheated anyway, and glass just intensifies the heat inside, making it uncomfortable for anybody working in the area, and also making customers think that it is very stuffy. Offices need to accomplish more to combat heat inside their rooms than just expanding the air conditioning, and there are a few reasons why more companies are swinging to window tinting as opposed to screens or blinds. Quality window tinting for office buildings enables you to maintain the modern look of a large glass fronted building while limiting some of the negative aspects of this design.

Below, you will find a few ways that tinting your office windows can improve the comfort of your staff and also save you money.

Window tinting for office buildings combats heat without AC

When you are forced to run your air conditioning unit all the time, you can find yourself throwing money at the machine to keep it working, and to pay the fuel cost connected with its operation. Air conditioning is one of the biggest drains on resources outside of computers, and yet companies are forced to use this money pit to keep their offices cool. Rather than using other forms of heat relief, by adopting office window tinting, companies are discovering that they can substantially reduce their heating bills.

Cut down on glare

The excessive use of glass in office buildings also means that there is an increased amount of glare from direct sunlight hitting computer screens, TV monitors and other forms of display. This glare can cause problems from the company since there are an increased fire risk and an increased chance that staff will develop migraines and positional problems due to having to sit in awkward positions to avoid the sunlight. This glaring issue can be resolved by using window film to reduce the amount of sunlight entering the room, cutting out glare.

Why film is better than shades or blinds

In the past, companies have been forced to use sun shades or blinds to protect their staff, but in fact, this is not the best way to ensure that you have the right protection for the office. These traditional devices don’t sit against the window, and there is a significant gap between the blind/shade and the window, allowing sunlight to penetrate into the room. It is only minor, but it could still cause the room to heat up significantly. With Office Window Tinting, companies can fully protect the office and ensure that there is no excess heat or glare.

Increase Privacy

While tinted windows greatly improve the thermal qualities of glass, they also have the added benefit of privacy for the occupants of your office. Tinted windows allow all the workers in the office to look out, but limits the ability for any outside observers to look in. While you may not be working on top secret projects, this is still a nice thing to have!

Reduction Of Cooling Bills

Because of the route in which office structures are developed, it is for the most part unrealistic to just open a window to permit airflow, similar to you would at home. Because of this, all substantial office structures depend on ducted heating and cooling frameworks to course air and keep up a happy with working temperature. As you can envision, these frameworks are utilized for cooling much more regularly than heating! Cooling such a huge building is not cheap, because of the perpetually increasing cost of electricity.

It is where tinted windows come in. The glass is the easiest place for heat to enter the building, as it offers the least resistance. The more heat that enters your office from outside, the harder the air-conditioning units must work to maintain a steady temperature. Window tinting reduces the ability for heat to pass through the windows of an office building, saving a lot of money in the long run, for a very small initial outlay!

Easy Installation

If you have been convinced about the benefits of window tinting for office buildings, then here is some great news – it is also easily installed and relatively inexpensive! Tinting for windows can be applied at any time and consists of a thin film applied to the window surface. Qualified installers, from a reputable company, can very quickly and efficiently install tinting on the windows of your building, without interrupting the flow of regular work at your business. There is absolutely no reason to delay any longer – the benefits of window tinting for businesses is clear.